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NOW you can have a legal notice issued from the comfort of your home/office with a click of a button. All you need to do is furnish the information in the fields below, attach all the documents related to the issue. Our Legal Team after perusing the facts and documents will revert to you within 24 hours for further clarifications if required, after which they shall mail you the draft of the Legal Notice; and after receiving your approval send the same to the recipient


We do legal verification of property related documents and the same service can be provided through online. All you need to do is either mail us the soft copy of the documents related to the property or send the hard copy to our Head Office. After scrutiny we will give a written opinion.


NOW making a WILL is just a click away. A person interested in making his WILL may do the same through online. All you need to do is to provide the information sought below and our team will contact you for further clarification within 24 hrs, if required; after which you will get your WILL in next 24 hours.


We do structuring of Legal Deeds, Agreements, Lease Deeds, Mortgage Deeds and MOUs; and these services can be availed online. Click on the services tab, provide the information sought and attach all the documents related to the issue. Our legal team after perusing the facts and documents will revert to you within 24 hours for further clarifications if required after which they shall mail you the draft of the Legal Notice; and after receiving your approval send the same to the recipient.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You can file one DVC against all members.

I am giving one third of my salary to my wife as alimony, and my minor child is with her. You are under no obligation to pay anything more than the alimony to your divorced wife.

She can appear on next date; however, if she fails to attend the Court for hearings, then she will lose the case.

You may live separately from your husband's house and may claim maintenance for you without seeking divorce. Meanwhile you can try to sort out amicably. If not, you may file petition in the family court for Judicial separation under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 u/s 10

A petition for divorce can be filed making desertion a ground

IPC 1860, Section 498A which deals with ‘Matrimonial Cruelty’ to a woman, is criminal in nature.

If a false complaint is registered against you by your wife, either you can defend your case and wait for the judgement or lodge a complaint against your wife for false allegations.

If you want Divorce, you may seek Divorce on the grounds specified in section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act

Evidence is recorded in this phase.

Divorce can be filed both in USA and India. A time limit cannot be predicted in a contested divorce. It is material to note that if you file here in India, service of notice to your husband would be time taking.

Divorce petition cannot be filed within one year of marriage. Divorce can be filed only after completion of one year of marriage if the case meets legal grounds. However, divorce can also be filed within one year of marriage under exceptional circumstances.

In Mutual consent Divorce, on the other hand, could be filed when both parties agreed to go for divorce as they found it is impossible to continue their marital relationship, would file a divorce petition with some settlement terms and conditions before Court.

You cannot remarry without obtaining the decree of divorce from your spouse. Without divorce, second marriage is an offence under section 494 of IPC.

You get a share (inherit) in your ancestral property by birth. In case of self-acquired property, you can inherit only on the death of the owner of the property. If your father owns a self-acquired property and also an ancestral property, he has the right to exclude you (son/daughter) from inheriting his self-acquired property.


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